Dell Xps 13 9320 Review With Specs And Dimensions

The Dell Xps 13 9320 plus is one of the boldest laptops I’ve ever seen it’s like dell sent a laptop back from the future terminator style. It has a keyboard that stretches from edge to edge with no gaps between the keys.

The haptic trackpad is hidden underneath the wrist rest and there’s a capacitive function row that just keeps things looking really clean and nice without the confusion of apple’s touch bar.

With all those features and the most computing power, dell has ever put into a 13-inch ultra-portable.

The Xps 13 9320 plus should be perfect right? Well not quite

Dell XPS 13 9320 Review

Dell Xps 19 9320 Review

Dell XPS 13 9320 Is the latest laptop by dell which comes with a stylish look and premium quality design with high specifications
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Dell Xps 13 9320 Review

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I Was floored by how unique that design was but I was also kind of instantly worried about what it meant for usability.

It’s certainly a cool design when the computer is on the motors kick in underneath the trackpad and allow you to swipe and click as you’re used to but you can’t actually see where that trackpad area is.

Now, of course, haptic trackpads aren’t anything new, apple’s been using them for years on the MacBook pros and you know they were just starting to show up in windows laptops we saw it in the surface laptop studio.

The idea is sound uh because it means you know if you don’t have a mechanical trackpad if it’s not clicking up and down it could end up being more reliable because dust and grime can’t get underneath.

On the Dell Xps 13, 9320 plus that technology is just a little more uncanny because you don’t know where the trackpad is you assume it’s in the middle but if you’re typing away and looking up at the screen you can easily miss the trackpad area.

So you can’t tell you’re hitting it until you see the cursor moving or if you click down and you feel it that’s not something we think about very often but it goes a long way towards making us feel more confident as we’re you know browsing the web or scrolling through documents.

On the XPS 13 plus just doing something easy like right-clicking can feel a bit like trial and error.

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Is my finger too much to the right and off of the wrist rest is it too much to the left and doing a left click, it’s hard to tell I really don’t think doing something so simple should be frustrating, especially on a computer that’s meant to show us the future of computing design.

The invisible trackpad basically feels like a party trick you know it’s something that can impress your friends and family it certainly wows people but when you’re using it day to day it just leads to a lot of frustration.

After using the Dell Xps 13 9320 plus for over a week I still find cases where I miss swipe where I mean to swipe or I do a right click when I mean a left click it is something you’ll probably get used to but for a computer like this, you probably shouldn’t have to retrain yourself.

The XPS 13 plus keyboard is far more successful it spans the entire length of the computer and as I mentioned it has practically no gaps between the keys.

We saw something similar with hp specter x360 in 2019 but you know what dell goes even further these keys are going all the way to the edge of the computer the result is something that just feels really luxurious to type on like I can spread out my fingers kind of like I do on a desktop keyboard it just feels super comfortable.

It would be nice to have more than a millimeter of key travel but you know what this is something dell has been doing for a while with the Dell Xps 13 9320 so I’m not too surprised by it.

Looking at the haptic trackpad makes me wonder if dell could ever use that technology to you know add haptic motors underneath the keyboard to give you a deeper sensation of clicking.

Dell XPS 13 9320 Review

I also think that technology could help the capacitive function role feel a bit more like traditional keys.

I do like that the function keys stay in place it’s not like the touch bar as I mentioned because the touch bar would keep changing things up with different shortcuts and it would just get really really confusing.

I also wish the functional row was more visible outdoors, especially in direct sunlight it can get a little washed out I had a hard time seeing that outside.

There’s the aluminum case that feels you know as premium and sturdy as it ever did look a bit closer at the case you’ll probably notice some omissions.

There are two thunderbolts and 4 USB-C ports on either side of the computer but there’s no headphone jack that’s something dell also removed from the new Dell Xps 13 9320 and again I just find it really really baffling.

To its credit dell is including USB-C to headphone jack adapters in the box with all these computers there’s also a USB-C USB type connection in the box so those are nice to have.

Unfortunately, because it only has two USB-C ports you can’t use both of those adapters while you’re actually charging the computer.

While we’re talking about screens if you want to get a 4k or OLED screen in XPS this year the 13 plus is your only option the standard XPS 13 only has 1080p LCD options.

Our review unit is equipped with the 3.5 k OLED touchscreen model which offers a decent 400 nits of brightness.

It looks as nice as all the other XPS screens we’ve seen you know there’s Dolby vision there’s hdr support and it looks just fine outdoors but having a little more brightness would be even nicer when I’m using this thing in direct sunlight.

Dell XPS 13 9320 Review

This being a Dell Xps 13 9320 the plus also has dell’s razor-thin infinity edge bezels now the effect is still really cool it looks nice to have a display that’s practically just floating in the air but…

I would have liked to see dell push things a little further it’s really hard to tell the difference between these bezels and what we saw in the 2020 XPS 13.

At least the webcam situation is a little better this time the top bezel is a little thicker than the others because there’s room for a 720p webcam and a separate windows hello Ir sensor.

I wish it had a higher resolution but it does look pretty nice especially if you’re using any good lighting. The last major upgrade in the XPS 13 plus is something you can’t even see under the hood it’s powered by 28-watt 12th gen intel chips

Whereas last year’s XPS 13 had 15-watt 11th gen CPUs and you know that is a big difference more energy more power means better performance basically that means this is the small XPS you’d want to get if you want to do some serious work

Our review unit was equipped with intel’s 12-core i7 1280p the fastest chip available for the Dell Xps 13 9320 plus it’s a hybrid 14-core CPU made up of six performance cores and eight efficiency cores that sounds impressive on paper and it really proved itself worthy in our benchmarks.

Not surprisingly it also outclassed Lenovo’s new yoga 9i another ultra-portable running intel’s iris graphics and similar chips that GPU doesn’t really do much help.

When it comes to gaming though in halo infinite I could barely get things playable in 1080p with low settings so I would not recommend it for that maybe with a lower impact game like Minecraft or overwatch it should just be fine

We tested the XPS 13 plus in its ultra-performance power mode which spins up the fans and lets it run a little hotter but for typical use, you can just use the optimize mode which kind of balances things out a little more,

But I’ll tell you even that mode I found to be a little too warm for using outside on my lap to be fair it was over 90 degrees.

So maybe that’s just it. I do wish the battery life was more impressive.

The Dell Xps 13 9320 plus lasted 12 and a half hours in our testing in optimized mode and nine and a half hours in ultra-performance mode but in the optimized mode I did expect it to last you know closer to 15 hours the last XPS 13 we tested went close to 16 hours on battery life in our benchmark

For years we’ve recommended the XPS 13 for anybody who just needs to get basic work done and if you need more power for video editing or something there’s the fps 15 and actually seventeen this year dell finally has an XPS 13 that can fit that bill too.

The only question is who would actually want that power in a system this small there are some power users who may not need a ton of screen space so you know maybe this computer is for you my only recommendation is to try and test this thing.

It’s definitely something that’s going to keep me from using this long term the XPS 13 Plus comes with a 512-gigabyte ssd eight gigabytes of ram and a 1920 by 1200 full HD plus LCD monitor

As usual, I’d suggest bumping up to 16 gigabytes of ram and a one-terabyte SSD

Ultimately I have to give dell credit for trying to push laptop designs forward with the XPS 13 plus you know like the infinity edge before it a lot of ideas here are probably going to show up in computers.

From competitors, there’s just really cool stuff going on on this computer I just hope dell ends up dealing with the potential usability issues eventually and maybe throw a headphone jack in there too the way I see it if you’re trying to show us the future of computing don’t make it feel like a step backward.

Dell XPS 13 9320 Review

Dell Xps 19 9320 Review

Dell XPS 13 9320 Is the latest laptop by dell which comes with a stylish look and premium quality design with high specifications
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